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From 2010,TBCC has improved the inspection method, and purchased mechanical/chemical andNDE test equipment in order to monitor the hot expansion/heat treatment productquality.

Hydraulicuniversal testing machine can be used to test the tensile strength, yieldstrength, elongation and other mechanical properties of fluid pipe, structurepipe, line pip etc

Half-autoimpact machine along with U shape & V shape Broaching machine can test  the tenacity of at -60℃~room temperature of fluid pipe, structurepipe, line pipe and low temperature pipe, etc

Spectrumanalyzer can test the elements of CMnSiPSCrNiMoAlTiVNbCu B of structure pipe, fluid pipe, line pipeetc, by  Atomic emission spectrometry.

AutomaticUltrasonic test and Eddy Current test can achieve automatic NDE operation, thespeed can reach 400m/shift, product diameter from 219mm to 720mm/wall thicknessfrom 5mm to 35mm

In 2013in order to meet the inspection requirement of heat treated product,metalloscope and polishing machine were introduced, which can test the grainsize of 55 kinds of steel grade 

Infraredradiation thermometer can monitor the temperature in hot expansion and heattreatment process and confirm it is the same between instrument indication andactual temperature.

Also we have ultrasonic wall thickness testing, coating thickness gauge,micrometer, laser ranging device, Vernier Caliper, bevel protractor, square,filler gauge,thread gauge and other instrument to test wallthickness, coating thickness, length, outside diameter, bevelpitch, degree of curvature, thread compliance and other dimension.Besides, with the inspector's visual inspection, we can make sure the pipe'scosmetic quality.

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