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TBCChas 200,000 m2land area, including 4indoor warehouses, 3 outdoor areas; it can accomodate 120.000 tons of pipes. It is one of thelargest semi-product, finished product warehouse in China. We have average 80.000tons stock at any onetime during  per year.

Ourwarehouse is controlled with efficient management system, with strict standard and by high qualified staff. The WMS intelligent management system:Customer push function of pipe on/off shelf and transport, making optimizedallocation of resources and improving the Efficiency APP at site is used for  constantmonitoring.


Locatedin Junliangcheng industrial park, which has lower transport cost andadvantageous geographical position – 500 meters from Jin TangRoad, 16kilometersfrom Tianjin Port, 20kilometers from Tianjin Binhai International Air Port,TBCC has professional transport fleet and become national logistics transportcenter of steel pipe. Besides, we have cloud logistics platform to integratecarriages national wide, which lower the transport cost and improve the service

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