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-.Processing Service

TBCChas 24,000 m2 indoor processing warehouse: automatic coating, bevelling, cutting,marking, polishing, inside&outside grinding, bundling, NDE etc.

Cutting-cutting into fixed length or range length as per customer's request.

Bevelling-bevel and compound bevel, 30-40degree,is used to welding.

Coating-varnishing and black coating. It can be done as per customer's request. We haveonline coating and manual coating.

Grinding-Insidegrinding and outside grinding. The grinding level is according to the rustcondition. TBCC mainly use grinding wheels to process, also sand blasting canbe done as well.

NDE-Inspect the metal material's inside crack or defect. TBCC mainly use ultrasonicand eddy current test, also we can out-sourcing and issue the official report.

Bundling-To bundle pipes from OD168mm and below with steel straps in 4-3-4 method. Theunit weight per bundle shall be 2.5ton max. Also the bundling or packing can becustomized.

In2012, TBCC invested to install automatic painting line, changing thetraditional manual painting method and improve the processing capability andquality. Also we are able to do the precise cutting and we can do beveling andcompound bevel with 10sets auto beveling machine, computer marking, inside& outside de-rusting, bundling, nested packing and other service. In themiddle of 2013, we continued to invest to build heat treatment workshop to makesure the produced pipes meet API standard, which makes TBCC reach a higher levelin the sales product range and quality.

-.Manufacture Production Service

In2011, we invested USD3.5 million tobuild 3 hot expansion lines and 6 auto straighten machine. We can meet the API international standard. The production range is from OD219mm toOD863mm, wall thickness range is 5.5-40mm. Production capability can reach40000tons/year. In the meantime, we have built the mechanical and chemical testlab, introduced tensile strength machine, impact test machine, spectrumanalyzer , ultrasonic test machine and other pipe inspection equipment.


Our 3PE coating line ismodularly designed with converter technique. The production capability,technique, and operation liability can all reach domestic advanced level andmeet national standard. We can do FBE,2FBE,3LPE and other coating. Theproduction capability can reach 3km/day. The processed pipe range can be 8-13M. 

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